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Rhinestone SILVER CLEOPATRA style arm bracelet with rings - CrownDesigners

Rhinestone Silver Cleopatra Style Arm Bracelet With Rings

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Rhinestone CLEOPATRA style arm bracelet with rings

Inspired by the legendary Egyptian Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra, "Crown Designers", brings you the latest in exotic body wear.

All the rage in Europe and yet to catch on stateside, this 'avant garde' body jewelry, can be worn with any elegant evening ensemble, combined with chandelier earrings and other similar accesories.

Or, for a more urbane yet 'over the top' look, combine with jeans, a lace blouse and patent leather boots or high heels for a vampy effect sure to be a hit on the dance floor!

Arm bracelets can be worn single or double, depending on your sense of adventure!

Made with the finest austrian cyrstals we have this mangificent arm bracelet

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