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Rhinestone Crowns Caring Guide/Assistance

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How to store your crown?
It is always better to keep your crown away from moisture, Grease, and dust. It will be better if you keep it in the cellophane bag with which the crown was received until you can buy a case or bag.
Never put the crown in a plastic bag cause the moisture in the air with temperature change creates a steam gas-like rain that eventually will get to all the crown resulting in tarnishing; always use cellophane or paper bag.
If you’re willing to buy a crown case or bag, send us a request, and we can try to assist you.


How to choose a crown case or bag?
Always try to buy not plastic containers that will keep the
Moisture inside, we recommend buying something that comes
With cloth to absorb the humidity.

How do you keep tiaras from tarnishing?
In the market, there are cloth anti tarnish cloth that can be used for this purpose.

How to clean your crown?
Do not ever immerse your crown in any liquid. There are cloth cleaners and paste metal cleaners that work for this purpose.



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