Queen Victoria Regal Gold Full Rhinestone Crown


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Queen Victoria Regal Gold Full Rhinestone Crown

Young and beautiful Princess Victoria was an avid "Party Girl", who well may had put the "Swing" in London way before the Beatles made it a popular catch phrase. The future Queen of England loved dancing into the wee small hours of the night, often hosting regular soirees at the Palace. Affairs of state quickly made the Princess mature and eventually, she married an unlikely suitor, her distant cousin, Albert, a native of present day Germany. Princess Victoria found Albert, impossibly beautiful, with expressive liquid blue eyes, crimson lips and a peculiar small waist..they had many princes and princesses...

Romantic, sensitive , a lover of arts, culture and history, his contributions to his adopted land of England, can be seen today in London in venues like Royal Albert Hall , museums, parks and gardens throughout the city.

Among the many pieces of jewelry, Prince Consort Albert gave Queen Victoria, was a self designed crown made up of round and emerald cut diamonds. This crown became one of the monarchs most cherished gifts from her beloved Albert. Secret has it that Victoria preferred using this coronet over any of her more elaborate head pieces, due to the fact that it was designed by Prince Albert, exclusively as a token of his deep love of her...

Our inspired crown measures 7 inches wide by 7 inches in diameter and stands 3 inches tall. Set in gold tone, high quality metal, the piece features well over 1,000 imported crystals in round and emerald cut faceted   stones. It is accented with 9 "tear" shaped simulated pearls along the top portion.

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