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King Lear Rhinestone Full Gold  Mens Crown - CrownDesigners

King Lear Rhinestone Full Gold Mens Crown

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When only the most majestic and imperial crown will do for your pageant or carnival event, this crown  is just your match. Unisex, it can be used by a woman or man, for a look that will demand attention. 

Inspired by King Lear story , the crown features a "Fleur d' Lys" and Malse Cross motif, which is at once elegant and timeless. 

Our stunning King Lear Full Gold Crown is a full round crown with thousands of Swarovski clear Genuine Austrian crystals. This crown has a true old world feel

DIMENSIONS this crown is 4 inches tall

Special modification available:

We can custom size this crown to fit the following measurements, by inserting a special material lining in blue velvet fabric at no extra charge

 Please state in your order which diameter ( width ) size you prefer:
                       6 1/2 inches
                       7  Inches
                       7 1/2 Inches
                       8 inches  NO PADDING
HOW TO PRE MEASURE CROWN SIZE ( For fully round crowns )
Take a flexible measurement tape, wrap it around your head, exactly where you want the crown to sit on. Lay the measurement tape and read the dimension and divide it by 3, that should give you the right measurement for your crown according to your head's shape and size.
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