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Daughters of Ireland and Britain Full Rhinestone Crown - CrownDesigners

Daughters of Ireland and Britain Full Rhinestone Gold Crown

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During the 18th century, a group of Irish and English schoolgirls collected enough money to purchase diamonds that were to be used for a crown. The crown would be given as a gift to the new English Queen as a token of admiration from the group. Once the diamonds were collected, the crown was completed and taken to the royal palace.
Through each monarchy, the crown was used by all reigning British queens, including Queen Elizabeth II.
This inspired version maintains the look of the original crown, including the scrollwork and
many different sizes of stones.
Measuring 3.25 inches in height by 7 in diameter, the full round crown is mounted on gold tone metal and is ideal for many occasions from weddings to pageants.

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Customer Reviews

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Virginia Maranto
Mardi Gras Queen

I am to be the new Queen of Les Femme d'Orleans 2024. I picked this crown for the elegant and connection to my background with Ireland and the England Border.