Beauty Pageant Award Silver Contoured full crown


$ 185.00 $ 400.00

A true classic Crown tiara, ideal for Pageants, Prom, Homecoming, Mardi Grass, Bridal, etc, 4 in tall at the highest point and 7 inches wide with clear Swarovski crystals mounted in silver plated metal, with an easy to fit CONTOURED base  and graduates down to approx 2" tall at its lowest point on the back band. Full  inches 3 rows of stones adjustable contoured perfect fit full crown Individually wrapped in plastic to preserve its sparkle.

IN STOCK AND READY FOR SHIPPING HOW TO PRE MEASURE CROWN SIZE ( For fully round crowns )Take a flexible measurement tape, wrap it around your head, exactly where you want the crown to sit on. Lay the measurement tape and read the dimension and divide it by 3, that should give you the right measurement for your crown according to your head's shape and size.

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