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Rhinestone full Romanov Palace Crown - CrownDesigners

Rhinestone full Romanov Palace Crown

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A timeless keepsake from the Russian Romanov Empire. A romantic crown inspired by the Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna

Alexandra Feodorovna was Imperial Russia's last reigning Tsarina. Along with the Tsar Nicholas II, she ruled St. Petersburgh during the days leading up to the Russian revolution. Never popular with her subjects, she was constantly reminded of her non Russian origins, for she was of German and British stock. Her grandmother was in fact, Queen Victoria, head of the British empire. Tragically, the Tsarina and her entire family was cruelly executed in July 1918 and that in effect ended the Imperial   Russian era of opulence.

Prior to her death, the Tsarina feared that the palace jewels could fall in the hands of the revolutionaries, new government agencies or worse, the common folk. The Tsarina befriended a group of nuns in a nearby convent and entrusted them with a stash of her most cherished pieces, including many rings, necklaces, bracelets, diadems and brooches. The nuns, fearing that the convent could be searched, further entrusted an old fish store owner whom they knew was a loyal Romanov supporter. Stored in 2 glass jars, filled to the rim, he hid the treasure under the store's premises, deep below the wooden floors.

Regretfully, in 1933, his secret was divulged by a family member whom betrayed him to the local police. The store was searched and the bounty was retrieved. In all, back then, the value of these jewels was equivalent to over 8 million dollars. No one in present day Russia can account for the whereabouts of these historical pieces.

Crown Designers pays tribute to Tsarina Alexandra with our "Romanov Legacy Crown", a stunning version of a piece worn by her majesty during her reign.

The crown measures 3 inches high by 7 inches in diameter. With hundreds and hundreds of clear European imported crystals and 17 simulated diamond  tear drop stones, the crown is a spectacle to behold and the perfect choice for a bride who wishes to capture the look and feel of timeless elegance with a touch of the uncommon.

This crown is also quite adaptable for the use of a debutante, pageant titleholder or for a role in any stage or screen production calling for a piece such as this.


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Barbara Conkling
Elegant crown

It is a beautiful crown