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Qeeen of The Nile Rhinestone Arm Bracelet - CrownDesigners

Qeeen of The Nile Rhinestone Arm Bracelet

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All of the Egyptian queens, were true pioneers of fashion and feminine allure, the principle reasons they managed to conquer not only their men but their lands too. Crown Designers brings you a third model to choose from in our new line of 'body jewelry'.

Inspired in the Egyptian styles of regally designed jewels and the trend to wear jewelry all over the body, we think you will look simply smashing wearing this piece at your next social event!

This third style is more in tune with the elegant fashions one wears to a wedding, Sweet 16 or other gala affair. This arm bracelet model will go perfect with dresses made of soft and romantic fabrics like lace, organza and velour.

This magnificent arm bracelet is made with the finest Austrian Crystals mounted in silver metal.
SKU: K-338-S

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