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Empress of Iran Royal Rhinestone Silver Tiara - CrownDesigners

Empress of Iran Royal Rhinestone Silver Tiara

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Empress of Iran Royal Silver Clear Rhinestone Tiara

Inspired by the treasured jewels of the Persian Imperial Palace...and the former Empress of Iran...

In 1959, a beautiful Iranian young women, appeared on the World stage and enchanted her country with the charm, poise and elegance, that would become her trademark.

Farah Diba, married the Shah of Iran, Reza Pahlevi, in a lavish event, on 20 December, 1959, instantly becoming an influential trendsetter in beauty and fashion.

Much to the Shah's delight, the new Empress of Iran, became a global ambassador for her country, traveling abroad and attending state affairs, always elegantly attired and adorned with some of the most remarkable jewels the world had ever seen.

We celebrate the glamour and sophistication of the former Empress, with a tiara that has been designed in the spirit of and inspired in the style of some of her most    cherished pieces.

This tiara measures 3 1/2 inches tall at the centre, by 7 inches wide. with adjustable band that expands up to 10 inches wide for easy wear.

Unique, it features hundreds of stones, simulating diamonds in various shape of clear color , arranged in a most peculiar fashion. The stones are in varying shapes, including round, oval, emerald and pear.

A tiara of substance, panache and timeless elegance, worthy of a legendary Empress, Farah Diba of Iran.

Debutantes will feel regal wearing this stunning tiara as well as anyone attending a high society event like the opera or a premiere. Adaptable to many social events and occasions, this headpiece will add an aura of mystique to your total look.

This tiara would make a memorable impact in any entertainment industry production, including plays, tv series, motion picture or live event.


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